The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, per curiam, has denied en banc review of its decision approving Order No. 1000. (October 20, 2014)

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WIRES News Release (October 10, 2014) WIRES Tells the U.S. Department of Energy We Need A Strong Transmission Infrastructure Policy

WIRES News Release (October 6, 2014) Report: New Technologies Are Both Boon to The Grid And Complement To Transmission Investment

Special Feature (June 24, 2014) FERC’s Order No. 1000: Old news and New Insights (Jim Hoecker)

WIRES University: Materials Posted (June 10, 2014) Presentations/audio/video from the Transmission 301 event of June 10, 2014

WIRES News Release (May 5, 2014) WIRES Grows by Two Major Transmission Providers

WIRES News Release (April 10, 2014) WIRES Letter to DOE: Robust Transmission Should Be Job No. 1.

WIRES Event Materials (March 28, 2014)  Briefing Materials: Electric Transmission 201: The High-Voltage Grid: Its Operations, Challenges, and Benefits
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WIRES Filing (March 28, 2014)  WIRES To FERC: The Best Security Is A Strong Grid

WIRES News Release (January 31, 2014)  WIRES Leadership Comments on Nomination of Norman Bay As Next FERC Chairman

Special Feature: WIRES' Jim Hoecker on "Transmission Benefits: Filling a Critical Gap in Order 1000" Part 1, Part 2, Intelligent Utility (November 17, 2013)

WIRES News Release (October 31, 2013)  WIRES Wants Improvements to Federal Transmission Permitting [Read the Filing]

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